Tales of foodie, sports loving Aussie expat in the Netherlands.

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You’ve stumbled upon The View from the Office, a collection of travel musings penned by an opinionated Australian living in the Netherlands, working as a cruise director and travelling in between.

She can’t quite believe that this is how her life has turned out.
Writing this blog is part the evidence she’ll need in the future to prove that it was all real. 

Travel Views

The highs and lows of ten years of adventures across six continents.

Expat Views

Boasts and rants about life in the Netherlands, from someone who is now offically a Dutchie.

Work Views

Advice and experience from someone who travels around Europe for a living.

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Latest from the Blog

Before you go to Russia
November 14, 2017 /More

There have been a lot of changes in the tourism industry in the last decade. (Well, how is that for the biggest understatement on this blog?) The negative ones...

Russia / #ballet, #hermitage, #kremlin, #moscow, #russia, #saint petersburg
The unorthodox travel destination of… Romania
November 14, 2017 /More

Over the years, I have really come to appreciate the commercials on the Eurosport channel. In between watching low-rating sports such as track cycling and non-Grand Slam tennis, I...

Romania / #brasov, #bucharest, #castles, #eastern europe, #romania, #sibiu, #transylvania
Life on the river
November 14, 2017 /More

As I type this, the city of Mainz appears outside my window. People wave from deck chairs set up along the banks of the river, drinking cocktails on their...

Austria / #cruise director, #cruise ship, #danube, #main, #rhine, #river cruise
Iceland on a whim
November 13, 2017 /More

So how much are we talking here? We paid just over twelve hundred euro to hire the camper for a week; a far cry from what we would have...

Iceland / #camping, #Iceland, #outdoors, #travel


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