Tales of foodie, sports loving Aussie expat in the Netherlands.

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You’ve stumbled upon The View from the Office, a collection of travel musings penned by an opinionated Australian living in the Netherlands, working as a cruise director and travelling in between.

She can’t quite believe that this is how her life has turned out.
Writing this blog is part the evidence she’ll need in the future to prove that it was all real. 

The highs and lows of ten years of adventures across six continents.

Boasts and rants about life in the quirky little Netherlands.

Advice and experience from someone who travels around Europe for a living.

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Latest from the Blog

The Christmas market advice you never hear
December 8, 2017 /More

When I first moved to Europe, one of the things I was looking forward to the most was... Christmas markets. I love Christmas. I love Christmas trees and decorations...

Germany / #aachen, #austria, #budapest, #christmas markets, #cologne, #Germany, #vienna
Offline in Ometepe
December 3, 2017 /More

I'm not sure where or when I first heard of Ometepe. I like to think that I chanced upon it myself, perhaps while roaming around the Central America region...

Nicaragua / #central america, #gringo trail, #nicaragua, #ometepe, #volcano
Officially a Dutchie
November 27, 2017 /More

“Dat verklaar en beloof ik.” And with those words, I’d reached the end of the road. All those visits to the IND in Rijswijk, the Dutch lessons in The...

Expat Views / #citizenship, #dutch passport, #inburgering, #naturalisation, #Netherlands
A summer day in Strasbourg
November 23, 2017 /More

When I first visited Alsace a few years ago, I was super-duper excited about Colmar. I'd seen all those online lists championing it as one of the prettiest small...

France / #alsace, #colmar, #france, #strasbourg
New York in a wheelchair
November 15, 2017 /More

So we did it. We even made the realisation that we did pretty much everything we would have done had we have had four working legs between the two...

Travel Views / #disability, #new york, #wheelchair
Before you go to Russia
November 14, 2017 /More

There have been a lot of changes in the tourism industry in the last decade. (Well, how is that for the biggest understatement on this blog?) The negative ones...

Russia / #ballet, #hermitage, #kremlin, #moscow, #russia, #saint petersburg


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