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Officially a Dutchie

November 27, 2017/Expat Views/0 Comments

“Dat verklaar en beloof ik.” And with those words, I’d reached the end of the…

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I’m still here

February 2, 2015/Netherlands/9 Comments

Hello. Remember me? I’m that girl who used to blog three times a week here…

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Our (hockey) World Cup warm-up

June 8, 2014/Netherlands/4 Comments

The sport of hockey (or ‘field hockey’ to North Americans) has always been a bit…

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Remember that time when we didn’t go to the Airborne Museum?

November 27, 2012/Expat Views/6 Comments

We had a big day planned. We were going to Arnhem and Nijmegen, see a…

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Is ‘expat’ a dirty word?

November 25, 2012/Expat Views/19 Comments

I only just started calling myself an expat recently. I was actually looking for a…

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The Dordrecht distraction

November 16, 2012/Expat Views/0 Comments

It’s funny. For the last four days, I’ve been amazing when it comes to writing…

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An Aussie at the Holland Heineken House

November 14, 2012/Expat Views/2 Comments

Today I’ve put on my orange for the first time in a few months. Paul…

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Plein always looks very 1984 to me - the new government buildings looming up over the old.

A stroll through The Hague

November 8, 2012/Expat Views/1 Comment

Today I went to The Hague. And I didn’t really like it. My visit to…

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It’s getting cold in here…

October 29, 2012/Expat Views/3 Comments

On Friday I cycled down to the grocery store. I took the usual: my purse,…

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What I just don’t get about Europe

October 21, 2012/Expat Views/4 Comments

I’ve lived in Europe for about eighteen months now, and it never ceases to amaze…

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