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The Christmas market advice you never hear

December 8, 2017/Germany/2 Comments

When I first moved to Europe, one of the things I was looking forward to…

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Offline in Ometepe

December 3, 2017/Nicaragua/0 Comments

I'm not sure where or when I first heard of Ometepe. I like to think…

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A summer day in Strasbourg

November 23, 2017/France/1 Comment

When I first visited Alsace a few years ago, I was super-duper excited about Colmar.…

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New York in a wheelchair

November 15, 2017/Travel Views/0 Comments

Two weeks before we left for our trip to New York, I broke my ankle.…

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Before you go to Russia

November 14, 2017/Russia/2 Comments

There have been a lot of changes in the tourism industry in the last decade.…

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The unorthodox travel destination of… Romania

November 14, 2017/Romania/2 Comments

Over the years, I have really come to appreciate the commercials on the Eurosport channel.…

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Iceland on a whim

November 13, 2017/Iceland/1 Comment

We were going to go to Mallorca. That's what we had planned, but we both…

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Mayhem in Mechelen

September 16, 2014/Belgium/4 Comments

Zoom. I spun around, probably quite theatrically. Zoom. I stepped to the side, trying desperately…

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A little bit of Japan in the middle of Brazil

July 28, 2014/Brazil/2 Comments

‘Você fala português?‘ the man questioned me. I shook my head sadly, embarrassed that my…

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Somewhere in Sao Paulo

July 24, 2014/Brazil/2 Comments

I got an iPhone almost four years ago. I had switched over from a BlackBerry…

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