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Cave-dwellers in Santorini

December 18, 2017/Greece/2 Comments

When it comes to booking Airbnbs, I had long been content with the fact that…

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The Balkan surprise

March 25, 2014/Albania/14 Comments

I spent much of last year in the Balkans. Before April 2013, I’d never set…

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How not to see Meteora

March 2, 2014/Greece/29 Comments

It seems a bit of a shame that when I think of Meteora, I always…

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Parga, the Greek island on the mainland

February 23, 2014/Greece/30 Comments

For many years, a common misconception has existed on the backpacker trail. Apparently if you…

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A touch of ‘volta’ in Thessaloniki

February 18, 2014/Greece/7 Comments

I grew up surrounded by Greeks. Nick Giannopolous, Ada Nicodemou and Alex Dimitriades were on…

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Athens, then and now

February 16, 2014/Greece/36 Comments

Of all the places I’ve travelled to over the past few years, Greece has always…

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View from the Office Days 61-70

December 6, 2013/Bosnia and Herzegovina/1 Comment

By mid-June it had well and truly hotted up in the Balkans. I was travelling…

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View from the Office Days 51-60

November 15, 2013/Albania/4 Comments

By this stage, I was settling into a bit of a rhythm out in the…

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View from the Office Days 41-50

November 4, 2013/Albania/0 Comments

I was nervous, returning to Greece. I had fallen in love with the country on…

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View from the Office Days 31-40

October 25, 2013/Bosnia and Herzegovina/2 Comments

I had a goal this year on the road. For every day worked, I would…

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