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A summer day in Strasbourg

November 23, 2017/France/1 Comment

When I first visited Alsace a few years ago, I was super-duper excited about Colmar.…

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View from the Office Days 21-30

May 17, 2013/Austria/3 Comments

Over the last ten days, I’ve been travelling at a rate of knots. I finished…

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View from the Office Days 1-10

April 4, 2013/France/7 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been back to work in March. I’ve already posted…

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pyrenees from plane

A European summer in pictures

November 22, 2012/France/7 Comments

This blog has always been about writing. I didn’t even start adding photos to posts…

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Good food! In Nice! Finally!

November 3, 2012/France/4 Comments

Nice is one of the hardest cities in the world in which to find good…

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All we are saying… is give France a chance

September 24, 2012/France/3 Comments

France is my least-favourite country in Europe. (Oh, wait. Except for Belgium, of course.) I…

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Le Olympic warm-up

July 23, 2012/France/6 Comments

In exactly one week I will be in London, for my second Olympics. I know,…

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Where you might find me this summer

May 15, 2012/France/8 Comments

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Two essays have been…

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One day in Paris

October 11, 2011/France/1 Comment

It’s been well-documented that I have never been exactly rapt for Paris. Sure, when we…

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The royal treatment

July 8, 2011/France/0 Comments

I have a reputation. But, despite my republican tendencies, royal weddings are starting to grow…

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