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Officially a Dutchie

November 27, 2017/Expat Views/0 Comments

“Dat verklaar en beloof ik.” And with those words, I’d reached the end of the…

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The blogs I read

June 4, 2014/Expat Views/18 Comments

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block over the last few days. I’ve started three…

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Our resident swans

May 20, 2014/Expat Views/8 Comments

At the end of my street there is a little bridge over a canal. It’s…

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Celebrating King’s Day in Amsterdam

April 26, 2014/Expat Views/33 Comments

Despite living in the Netherlands since 2011, I’ve never celebrated King’s Day in Amsterdam (or…

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An AFL fan at the Dutch Cup final

April 21, 2014/Expat Views/6 Comments

I am in training at the moment. It’s not the physical kind; in fact, it’s…

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The dummies’ guide to the Dutch workplace

April 4, 2014/Expat Views/34 Comments

After three years on the road working as a tour guide, I have returned to…

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Spring has sprung

April 1, 2014/Expat Views/12 Comments

I talk about the weather a lot on this blog. This isn’t a new thing,…

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Beyond the Anne Frank Huis

March 29, 2014/Expat Views/39 Comments

The Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam is one of the best museums in the world,…

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A Dutch anniversary

March 5, 2014/Expat Views/19 Comments

I have recently celebrated my Dutch anniversary. I have now been a resident of the…

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Haarlem with a double ‘A’

February 20, 2014/Expat Views/10 Comments

Whenever somebody asks me advice on what to do in Amsterdam or where to go…

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